Nginx Reverse Proxy with Deluge Web UI

Last year I experimented with using a seedbox for torrenting; I built one using CentOS and Deluge and took a snapshot before I decided to stop using it. Recently I tried deploying it again from the snapshot and found the Deluge Web UI unreachable as Chrome displayed the error message ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH. It appears in the time since I built it, browsers have stopped supporting SSLv3 due to the POODLE vulnerability. According to this thread, it can be fixed by updating to a newer version of Deluge; however I needed to keep using version 1.3.6 because reasons. Fortunately I was able to configure Nginx as a reverse proxy with SSL enabled for the Deluge Web UI; instead of connecting to the Deluge Web UI directly, I can connect to it through Nginx over HTTPS while the Web UI continues to listen on localhost:8112. Nginx is easy to install and there are many guides on the internet; here’s one for Ubuntu 14.04 and one for CentOS 6.

Below is my configuration for proxying Deluge Web UI through Nginx with SSL enabled; I found the SSL cipher settings on a blog post about hardening SSL ciphers here and the proxy settings on the Deluge Bug Tracker here.