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Create USB Installer for Windows 7

Sometimes I don’t remember all the commands for creating a USB installer for Windows 7; most of the time I google “ars technica usb install” to look at their great article. But here are the commands I like to use (slight variation from Ars Technica):

Open a command prompt window as administrator:

Now you can copy the contents of your Windows ISO to your flash drive and boot from it to install Windows.

Fix Logitech G700 double-click issue

Recently my G700 started experiencing the double-click issue; unfortunately it is out of warranty. Searching around on the internet I found a guide on how to fix it here:

The mouse in the guide is a different model but the actual switch unit is the same (Omron D2FC-F-7N).  In the process of fixing my G700, I managed to damage one of the mouse feet at the bottom. I bought my replacement feet for the G700 from Cooler Guys. These mouse feet are made by Corepad; they glide much smoother than the original feet and come in sets of 2.

How to Uninstall Exchange 2013 on Server 2012

Last year I set up 2012 AD and Exchange 2013 for testing in my home lab (Citrix XenServer 6.2 on i7-950, 12GB DDR3, Rocketraid 3510). Fast forward to this year where I remembered Exchange 2013 Service Pack 1 is finally supported on Server 2012 R2. I wanted to do a clean install of Exchange Service Pack 1 onto a Server 2012 R2 VM in my AD environment, so I needed to uninstall Exchange 2013 first. However, removing Exchange isn’t as simple and going to Add/Remove Programs. If you do that first without anything else, you will get a wall of text like the one below:


Fortunately after some googling, I found the commands to successfully remove Exchange 2013 thanks to this blog post:

Now you can uninstall Exchange 2013 from Add/Remove Programs.