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Fix Logitech G700 double-click issue

Update 9/5/23: For whatever reason traffic to this old post is gaining traction from Google searches. The real solution to this is to replace the switches as outlined in my newer posts on the G Pro Wireless and G900/G903.
Here’s a YouTube video demonstrating disassembly and switch replacement the G700:

Recently my G700 started experiencing the double-click issue; unfortunately it is out of warranty. Searching around on the internet I found a guide on how to fix it here:

The mouse in the guide is a different model but the actual switch unit is the same (Omron D2FC-F-7N).  In the process of fixing my G700, I managed to damage one of the mouse feet at the bottom. I bought my replacement feet for the G700 from Cooler Guys. These mouse feet are made by Corepad; they glide much smoother than the original feet and come in sets of 2.