Logitech G Pro Wireless Double-Click Fix – Replace the Switches

Somehow my post on replacing G900/G903 switches became my most popular page according to the Google Search Console; depending on the query it’s even on the first page of Google results. If you’re new to the infamous double-click issue on Logitech mice, the TL;DR is that the stock Omron switches are garbage and you should replace them with better ones.

Since I’ve recently switched from the G903 Hero to the GPW, I thought I’d do a similar write-up on how to do a partial teardown. Mine’s been modded with Kailh GM 4.0 switches, Kailh 8mm rotary encoder, Ceramic Mouse Skates and NetDot Magnetic Micro-USB Adapter.

The GPW is much easier to open up compared to the G900/G903; you can get to the main PCB for the left/right/middle switches and mouse wheel encoder without tearing the mouse apart completely. Here’s a few YouTube videos that detail tearing down the GPW:

These videos and the gallery below should help you in disassembling your GPW to upgrade the switches. Pro tip: the iFixit iOpener is really useful for removing mouse feet cleanly but I would recommend having an extra set just in case.