Sysprep – LaunchDll: Failure Occurred While Executing ‘drmv2clt.dll,Sysprep’

I was trying run Sysprep on a spare notebook in order to test image capture via Windows Deployment Services when I received a rather unhelpful error message: “A fatal error has occurred while trying to sysprep the machine.” After looking into the error log I found something more useful and ran a search forĀ drmv2clt.dll sysprep and found the following thread:

The OP of the thread figured out that the issue was due to the “Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service” – as soon as I disabled the service I was able to run sysprep successfully. It is interesting how this thread dates back to 2009 and how another poster writes that this issue was fixed in Windows 7 RTM; I was running sysprep on a notebook running Windows 7 SP1 with all current updates.