Erratic Bluetooth/Apple Trackpad on Yosemite Hackintosh

Since upgrading my Hackintosh to Yosemite, I’ve noticed a few instances where my Apple Trackpad becomes unusable; it will show as connected but the cursor will not move or move erratically and multi-touch gestures will not work. I am using the IOGEAR 4.0 Bluetooth dongle as recommend by tonymacx86. This usually only happens when I do a Time Machine restore (after failed attempts to optimize kexts or settings) but it happened today while tinkering with CPU power management.

I haven’t been able to find any useful information related to this but through trial and error I’ve found an odd solution.

  1. Remove all paired devices under System Preferences > Bluetooth
  2. Shutdown the Hackintosh
  3. Remove the USB dongle
  4. Power on the Hackintosh and shut it down again after it finishes loading
  5. Reconnect the USB dongle and power on the Hackintosh
  6. Repair your devices